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Michelle Rockwood 
Founder of 
Unscripted Sales
Consistent 50 - 68% open rates with Moxie’s emails!
"I feel so proud and confident sending out emails written by Moxie. The copy radiates joy and gets results! I brag to all my clients that I get a 50 - 68% open rate on Moxie's emails! This is double or even triple what I can get on my own and way above industry standard."
Deyder Cintron
Founder of Avail Digital Marketing
Moxie Copywriting helps my agency thrive!
“I have so much to say about how Anika and the Moxie Copywriting team help me and my agency thrive. They provide incredible service above the rest. And believe me, I've tried everything out there. I have always been surprised and wowed by the fact that the Moxie Copywriting team has consistently delivered top-quality, beyond expectations, and that is very valuable to me because it allows my agency to thrive and help our clients in a premium fashion.”
Dr. Glenn Vo
Dentist, Marketer & Entrepreneur
Effective copywriting that takes my business to the next level . . .
“Imagine having the right words whenever you want for your Facebook ads, your sales pages, your blogs, and your courses – that is what you get with Moxie Copywriting. I have a lot of stuff on my plate, but the great thing about Moxie Copywriting is copywriting is one less thing I have to worry about. Not only do I get my time back, but I also get effective copywriting that takes my business to the next level.”
Tiffany Armstrong
Speaker & Business Consultant
I have saved a TON of money, and my copy is converting!
“As a busy entrepreneur, the two things that are most important to me are convenience and the fact that my copy is converting. And I will tell you hands down that after working with Moxie Copywriting I have saved a TON of money, and my copy is converting. After they refreshed my ads, I am reaching so many more people because the copy is spot on!”
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